Remote Kindergarten appropriation



Remote Kindergarten provides children in rural and remote and other selected communities, where there have been barriers to accessing kindergarten, the opportunity to attend a face-to-face kindergarten program delivered by a prescribed state school.

Funding paid under this appropriation applies to a calendar year for remote kindergarten schools where kindergarten is delivered by the existing classroom teacher, in a composite or multi-age class setting, with support from a teacher aide. Funding paid under this appropriation must be used as allocated to meet mandatory program requirements (particularly staffing levels within schools).

Funds cannot be redirected to purposes outside those identified in this appropriation without central office approval.

Duration of program



Schools prescribed under Schedule 4 of the Education (General Provisions) Regulation 2017 may be eligible to receive a funding allocation under each of the below categories. All State Delivered Kindergarten (SDK) schools may receive capability building support at the discretion of the regions.

Allocation of funds – Remote Kindergarten schools

Per 0.5 full-time equivalent (FTE) registration
Per annum
Per annum
Teacher aide allowance (20 hours per week)
Per annum
Administration time allowance (2 hours per week/casual)

Per annum
Initial kindergarten equipment – program establishment$10,000.00One-off (eligible schools only*)
Supplementary kindergarten equipment – SDKs in discrete Indigenous communities$4,000.00One-off
Supplementary kindergarten equipment – all other SDKs in operational schools$2,000.00One-off
Additional teacher FTE and/or additional teacher aideVarious, based on current salary scheduleNegotiated with central office

*Eligible schools are those that have been prescribed to deliver kindergarten and have not previously received the one-off equipment grant. This funding allocation is to purchase age-appropriate equipment and resources to establish a kindergarten program.

OneSchool revenue account 112800 and expense account 207200 are to be used for payment and expenditure of funds under this appropriation.

Teacher aide, inclusion support and the administration allowance are paid on a pro-rata basis if the program is not offered for a full school year.

Where the acceptance of kindergarten registrations exceeds the department's target class size, the school's classroom capacity or service approval requirements, schools may apply—in consultation with their regional office—for an additional 0.55 teacher FTE resource or additional teacher aide hours to establish an extra composite class or an extra kindergarten delivery group. Allowance is paid on a pro-rata basis if the teacher or teacher aide is not required for the full school year.

Allocation of funds – all State Delivered Kindergarten schools

Inclusion supportVariousNegotiated with central office
Capability building
Negotiated with central or regional office

A contribution towards the costs associated with the upgrading of qualifications of current SDK staff or travel for principals, teachers and teacher aides to attend capability building opportunities may be paid to any SDK school as determined by the relevant region or central office.

Payment details

PaymentDuring month ofProportion of allocation paid
AnnualMarch, May, September and November—enrolment determined100% or pro-rata
One-off – initial establishmentIn line with monthly payments—enrolment determined100%
One-off – supplementary kindergarten equipmentJune 2024100%
Capability building—on attendanceIn the next scheduled monthly paymentNegotiated with central or regional office
Inclusion support paymentsIn line with monthly paymentsNegotiated with central office

Data requirements

Data itemData sourceDue date
Number of kindergarten children registeredOneSchool data extractionFebruary (Term 1)
April (Term 2)
August (Term 3)
October (Term 4)

Recoupment policy

Funds are paid on the basis that eligible kindergarten children are registered in OneSchool and attending the kindergarten program. Recoupment may be sought if the payment was made based on incorrect data, in error or where kindergarten children are non-attendees or exit the school resulting in the kindergarten program at the school ceasing part way through the year.

Management of funds in accordance with OneSchool revenue and expense accounts referenced above will be monitored. Funds not expended for the purpose allocated may also be recouped. All recoupment scenarios will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A detailed payment and recoupment policy is available upon request. Email for assistance.

Further information

For further information, please refer to State Delivered Kindergarten or the contact details below.


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Last updated 05 June 2024