School appropriation



To assist schools in meeting recurrent operating costs.

Duration of program



State school, state high school, campus, state special school, Centre for Continuing Secondary Education, community school, detention centres.

Schools of distance education, outdoor and environmental education centres and Queensland Children’s Hospital School receive operational cost support under separate profiles.

Allocation of funds

State schools (primary, secondary, campuses, community)

Prep to Year 6 formula (annual entitlement calculation):

  • [Base 1 + (per student rate x enrolment)] x School Appropriation Index + Base 2 + Low Socio-Economic Status (SES) school (if eligible).

Years 7 to Year 12 formula (annual entitlement calculation):

  • [Base 1 + (enrolment up to 300 x 1st 300 rate) + (enrolment in excess of 300 x 300 plus rate) + (enrolment in years 10–12 x years 10–12 rate)] x School Appropriation Index + Base 2 + Low SES school (if eligible).

Continuing Centres of Secondary Education (CCSE) – Eagleby Learning Centre to receive $63,000 per annum under this appropriation.

Queensland Pathways State College (3036) receives in February the annual payment of $3.5M for operating costs for the host (3036) and it’s 6 campuses: Bracken Ridge (A085), Bundamba (A070), Goodna (9956), Inner City (A653), Mt Gravatt (9199) and Townsville (A104). The 6 campuses will also receive the calculation of the school appropriation based on census data within the quarterly school appropriation timelines. The host centre (3036) will receive no further funding for school appropriation during the year.

Runcorn State High School (2167) to receive as a separate payment $48,000 for the funding of the behaviour management services offered by the ex-Tennyson Special School now housed at Runcorn State High School.

Special schools

Prep to Year 10 formula (annual entitlement calculation):

  • [Base 1 + (professional staff rate x number of professional staff)] x School Appropriation Index + Base 2 + Low SES school (if eligible).

Prep to Year 12 formula (annual entitlement calculation):

  • [Base 1 + (professional staff rate x number of professional staff) + (per student rate x no of students in 10–12)] x School Appropriation Index + Base 2 + Low SES school (if eligible).
    1. For the purposes of calculating the special school payment, professional staff are defined as those staff allocated to a special school through the students with disabilities or Whole School Support—Student Learning Resource (WSS-SLR) models. The following are considered professional staff: principals, deputies, teachers and education program officers.
    2. The above allocations are cumulative. Any establishment with multiple categories receives the allocation for each approved category at the host site, e.g. a Prep to 12 school would receive an allocation for years Prep to 6 and an allocation for years 7–12.


  • Maryborough Special School (3017) for $1,010 per annum for the Kay Haas Memorial Cycle Track.

Detention centres

The detention centre school appropriation is calculated as part of the WSS-SLR model.

The formula is: (($80,000 + (enrolments x $2,300)) x ​1.2) = school appropriation.

The school's enrolments for the purposes of the model is based upon average enrolment data provided to Workforce Resourcing, HR, by the schools in early Term 4 each year. Due to the unique nature of these locations, it is not possible to use normal census enrolment figures.

Current rates

CentresBase fundingPer student enrolment (FTE)Per professional staff (Education Program Officer (EPO), nurse)Low SES school
State primary school
(Prep to Year 6)
Base 1: $11,080

Base 2: $10,000

State primary school with Pre-Prep Program
(Pre-Prep to Year 6)
Base 1: $12,080

Base 2: $10,000

State high school and secondary department/campusBase 1: $20,160

Base 2: $10,000

$156 up to 300 students then $101 per additional student

$50 per student in Years 10–12

Special school
(Prep to Year 10)
Base 1: $4,230

Base 2: $10,000

Special school
(Prep to Year 12)
Base 1: $6,230

Base 2: $10,000

$50 per student in Years 10–12$3,000$3,000
Detention centresBase 1: $80,000$2,300 per annumN/AN/A

Note: All rates above are per annum.

Payment details

Semester 1 payment 1February80% of estimated Semester 1 allocationJuly census previous year
Semester 1 payment 2AprilBalance of actual Semester 1 allocationFebruary census
Semester 2 payment 1July80% of estimated Semester 2 allocationFebruary census
Semester 2 payment 2OctoberBalance of actual Semester 2 allocationJuly census

Detention centres

Semester 1February100% of allocation
Semester 2July100% of allocation

Data requirements

DataSourceTime collected
EnrolmentsPerformance Monitoring and ReportingFebruary, July
School Appropriation IndexCentre Information System (CIS)As required
Professional staff numbersSpecialist support staff collection spreadsheetApril, October
Low SES schoolCISFebruary

How to apply

Schools do not need to apply for this funding. Entitlements will be calculated and paid automatically each term.


Policy Enquiry
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Payment Enquiry
School Financial Resourcing​
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Last updated 09 April 2024