Youth engagement



To assist schools to engage students in learning, achieving and successful transitioning to further education, training and work through initiatives including FlexiSpace, Spotlight Schools, Digital Youth Engagement and Link and Launch.

Duration of program

From 2018


Identified state schools.

Allocation of funds


Schools delivering a FlexiSpace will provide the highest quality teaching and learning in a bespoke learning environment embedded within the school to achieve the engagement and academic outcomes of students who may be experiencing disengagement.

Schools will receive a one-off allocation of $110,000 to assist with the establishment of the program. This may include professional development, teacher relief, coaching and other costs associated with the design of the model. The final 20 schools implementing a FlexiSpace in 2022 will receive their full funding allocation in a single payment in the 2022 school year.

​Schools also receive a one-off allocation of $6,500 in the 2022 school year. This funding is provided to assist schools in their data collection and monitoring of outcomes for students in the program, including recording all participating students in the OneSchool FlexiSpace Additional Program category.

To help achieve sustainable approaches and to support schools in their ongoing delivery of FlexiSpaces, one school in each region (7 in total) will be allocated a one-off payment of $20,000 to assist with establishment and coordination of a Professional Learning Community (PLC).  Funds allocated to the schools identified to coordinate the PLCs may be used to assist with for example: Teacher Relief Scheme, resourcing/materials, administration support to assist with the development and facilitation of the PLC, or to engage an external facilitator. The 7 schools will receive the funding in June 2022.​

Spotlight Schools

Spotlight Schools initiative supports schools working to improve the quality of practices and responses for disengaged students and students at risk of disengagement. These practices are delivered in line with quality pathways for all young people: a commitment to alternative education (PDF, 2.4MB) and Youth engagement: practice insights. This appropriation complements a partnership with the non-state schooling sector to support quality practices in special assistance schools.

Identified state schools will receive a one-off allocation of $17,000 to assist with targeted development and school improvement actions to embed and improve the alignment of practices to identified best practices in the Summary of High Quality Practices (PDF, 158KB), and the youth engagement practice insights (PDF, 389KB). This may include positive inquiry, engagement of external expertise, professional development, teacher relief, coaching and other costs associated with implementing the practices. Participating schools will document their processes and yield informative tools for other schools seeking to implement enhanced engagement practices. Schools will be selected based on delivery of alternative education, delivery to vulnerable and at-risk young people, and active interest in embedding and enhancing youth engagement practices.

Digital Youth Engagement

Identified state schools will receive $3,500 for the purchase of a specified digital youth engagement kit, consisting of youth-centred, parent-centred and staff-centred resources to physically profile and promote existing online resources and support to maximise youth engagement. Participating schools will demonstrate their use of the kit through photographic evidence of kits in action. Schools will be selected based on identified engagement challenges, regional spread, anticipated reach, and active interest in engaging young people and families.

Link and Launch

Link and Launch is designed to support year 12 completers who are not in education, employment or training to navigate the options available to them, and to access an option that will most effectively support them to make a transition.

Payments to host schools will be based on the Next Step data as follows:

Where Next Step data indicates a small number of Year 12 completers who are NEET* in the year after completing Year 12$60,000
Where Next Step data indicates a medium number of Year 12 completers who are NEET* in the year after completing Year 12$90,000
Where Next Step data indicates a large number of Year 12 completers who are NEET* in the year after completing Year 12$120,000

*NEET: Not in Education, Employment or Training.

Payment details

PaymentDuring month ofProportion of allocation paid

Link and Launch payment

​Spotlight Schools payment​March​​100%
​Digital Youth Engagement​March​​​100%
FlexiSpace 2022 establishment, including Cycle of Inquiry, payment



​FlexiSpace PLC payment (7 schools)

How to apply

Schools will be selected and invited to participate in these programs based on meeting a range of criteria. Regional Directors and the Director-General will approve the schools invited to participate in FlexiSpace and Link and Launch.

The program is not open to applications.

The department will determine the funding amount for each school.

Approved schools do not need to apply for funding. This will be automatically paid by central office.


Youth Engagement
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Last updated 01 June 2022