Youth pathways



To assist schools to administer programs for at risk and/or disengaged youth.

Duration of program



State Schools and Non-Government Organisations.

Allocation of funds

Regional allocations are based on the percentage of total National Partnerships – Youth Attainment funding received in the 2012–13 financial year.

Regions then manage these funds as follows:


  • Funding is distributed to schools based on the recommendations of the Regional Pathways Advisory body.
  • Some funds are used by the region to deliver program outcomes.

South East Region

  • Most funds are used by the region to manage the program outcomes.
  • Some funds are paid to Coomera to cover the incidental costs of the program officers based at this school. Coomera was chosen for its central location to service the region more efficiently.

Darling Downs South West Region

  • Funds are distributed to schools to support student retention in years 11 and 12. Schools need to submit their retention plan to regions where it is assessed and funding is determined based on available budget.

North Coast Region

  • Funds are issued to schools to support Alternative Education Programs based on an application process.
  • Some funds are held by the region to manage program outcomes in support of:
    • non-Government Organisations running Alternate Education programs, e.g. Edmund Rice Education, Salvation Army 
    • joint ventures between schools and non-government organisations running Alternate Education programs 
    • youth justice system. 

Central Queensland Region

  • The program will be run through seven regional clusters. Funds are managed by a base school.
  • Funds are distributed to schools based on the individual local cluster model and can be used to source local constative groups to identify initiative based on the local needs for youth support workers.
  • Some funds are used by the region to deliver program outcomes.

North Queensland Region

  • Most funds are used by the region to manage and deliver program outcomes.
  • Some funds are distributed to assist in the implementation of the Townsville Voice recommendations as endorsed by the North Queensland Region Youth Engagement Hub Governance Group.
  • Some funds are distributed to schools, based on the endorsement of the North Queensland Region Youth Engagement Hub Governance Group.

Far North Queensland Region

  • Funds are to be distributed to schools and other agencies to support the provision of case management of students into education or employment pathways.
  • Distribution of funds is based on the service delivery needs and may include employment of and support delivered by Transition Pathways Officers. This could include payment of training and program providers and third party arrangements for case managers.

Payment details

Payment timelines will depend on the program delivery within individual regions and school involvement.

Data requirements

Data required will depend on the individual regional methodology and program/activity.

Recoupment policy

Recoupment of appropriations from schools may be required where a program has been discontinued, the school has not been able to complete a project, or there are savings identified at the completion of a project.

How to apply

School should contact their local region to determine eligibility for specific regional programs and activities.


Central Queensland
Telephone (07) 4842 8300

Darling Downs and South West
Telephone (07) 4616 3771

Far North Queensland
Telephone (07) 4037 3822

Telephone (07) 3028 8052

North Coast
Telephone (07) 3203 9000

North Queensland
Telephone (07) 4758 3222

South East
Telephone (07) 5656 6688
Last updated 05 March 2020