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Anzac Day resources
This resource provides you with a number of links/URLs that will give you access to relevant websites and assist you in your research.

Some past Premier's Anzac Prize recipients used their excellent writing skills to create Anzac poems while on tour. Please take a moment to read these poems, they are well worth it.

​The Premier's Anzac Prize videos

The 2019 Premier’s Anzac Prize
Watch the 2019 Premier’s Anzac Prize tour video—a life-changing experience.

The 2018 Premier's Anzac Prize
The winners of the 2018 Premier's Anzac Prize took part in a very memorable tour, attending the Centenary Anzac Day Service at Villers-Bretonneux, France. One of the winners also had the special honour of laying a wreath on behalf of the people of Queensland and the Premier during the official ceremony.

The 2017 Premier's Anzac Prize
What an adventure we have had! Who would have thought that 8 students from all corners of Queensland, could be lucky enough to be gifted with such an incredible experience!​

The 2016 Premier's Anzac Prize—Realising the Sacrifice
Winners of the 2016 Premier's Anzac Prize speak about their experiences on tour in Turkey and France.

The 2015 Premier’s Anzac Prize—Anzac Day at Gallipoli
The lead chaperone and winning students of The Premier's Anzac Prize relive the experience of being at Gallipoli on Anzac Day.

The 2015 Premier’s Anzac Prize—Impact of The Premier's Anzac Prize
People refer to The Premier's Anzac Prize as 'life-changing' and it is. The lead chaperone and winning students talk about the impact of the prize, after completing the tour.

The 2015 Premier's Anzac Prize—Digital Story
State Library of Queensland interview with Emily Ireland, one of the winners of The 2015 Premier's Anzac Prize. In this video, Emily shares her experiences of the tour and what she learned from being part of The Premier's Anzac Prize experience.

The 2015 Premier’s Anzac Prize—Researching service people
Winning students of The Premier's Anzac Prize undertake service person research before they depart. The students also write a eulogy to commemorate the service person which they read on their visit to the grave or memorial on tour. The 2015 lead chaperone and winning students share their experiences about researching service people, and visiting the memorials and graves in the many commemorative sites in Gallipoli and on the Western Front.

The 2015 Premier’s Anzac Prize—The Western Front
The Premier's Anzac Prize tour visits many important sites on the Western Front through Belgium and France. The lead chaperone and winning students share their experiences on the Western Front and the importance of Australia's contribution to the war in this area.

Watch the video on The 2016 Premier's Anzac Prize which includes snippets of past winners' presentations.

Last updated 25 January 2023