Nationally consistent collection of data on school students with disability


All Australian state and territory governments have agreed to implement a nationally consistent collection of data on school students with disability (NCCD).

The nationally consistent collection of data on school students with disability will help to present a more reliable, consistent and transparent view of students with disability across Australia. This improved information will help education authorities and schools better target programs and resourcing decisions, contributing to more effective outcomes and a quality learning experience for all young Australians.

The national data collection on students with disability acknowledges the work already undertaken in Queensland state schools to support students with disability. It assists schools to identify and support students with disability so they can access and participate on the same basis as their peers.

Model and data collection

Under the model, teachers use their professional, informed judgment to determine:

  • which of their students are being provided with reasonable adjustments to address a functional impact due to a disability, as defined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and the Disability Standards for Education 2005 (DSE)
  • the level of adjustment that students with disability are provided in both the classroom and whole of school context
  • the broad category of disability under which the student best fits.

A student is eligible to be counted in the national data collection where there is evidence at a school that the student is being provided with an educational adjustment to meet ongoing, long-term specific needs associated with disability and that decisions have been made in consultation with the students and/or their parents or carers. The definition of 'long-term' for this purpose is over a minimum period of one school term, or at least 10 weeks, in the 12 months preceding the national data collection.

This information will help all Australian schools to better meet their responsibilities under the DDA and the DSE and improve support for the learning needs and aspirations of students with disability. It has the potential to contribute to a more inclusive schooling system for all Australian students.

This data collection will build on the system-wide focus on pedagogy throughout Queensland state schools that will support teachers in delivering quality education to students with disability.


In 2015, all schools across Australia participated in this data collection. This is now an annual data collection.

The department continues to work with the Australian Government Department of Education and all other state and territory education authorities regarding the implementation of this national initiative.

Further information

Fact sheets for schools, parents and carers are available on the Australian Government Department of Education website. These fact sheets are designed to promote a general understanding of the national initiative and what is involved.

Translations of the parent/carer fact sheet into languages other than English are also available on this website.

View the videos for more information on the Department's whole school approach to support student learning.


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Last updated 24 October 2018