Asbestos management


​​​​​​​​​The department's highest priority is the safety of students and staff at all times, including through the management of asbestos in schools.

Key elements of the department’s policy for the management of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in department-owned facilities include the following:

  • Registers to identify the location of asbestos materials
  • Three-yearly inspections to ensure asbestos materials are in a safe condition
  • Work Area Access Permit (WAAP) process and safe work procedures
  • Gradual removal of asbestos (based on risk)
  • Policy that low density board is only disturbed as part of licensed removal works
  • Employee awareness training

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral previously used in building and other products throughout the world.

Simply working or studying in a building containing asbestos is not dangerous as long as the asbestos is in good condition (i.e. undamaged).

People who regularly do repairs, renovations and other work that can release asbestos fibres into the air are most at risk of future asbestos disease. Asbestos is only a risk to health when asbestos fibres become airborne and are breathed into the lungs.

Detailed information about asbestos is available on the Queensland Government’s asbestos website.

Vodcast information videos

View the below vodcasts by Dr Keith Adam, specialist in occupational medicine for more than 20 years, for factual information about asbestos in Queensland state schools.

More information on long-term health risks is also available on the Department of Health website.

Asbestos registers

You can view the asbestos registers below which contain information about confirmed, assumed or removed asbestos at department-owned facilities.

The registers reflect information contained in the Built Environment Materials Information Register (BEMIR) maintained by the Department of Energy and Public Works. BEMIR is the electronic environmental management system designed to assist government agencies with the management of environmentally significant matters within government-controlled facilities.

The information provided is a snapshot at the date identified. The asbestos register will be updated twice a year.

Dust sample test results

You can view historical dust sample test results for past asbestos incidents.

Service providers

Service providers for building works, maintenance and other services must comply with the conditions for working on department facilities.

P&Cs and visitors

School Parents and Citizens (P&C) members and visitors must not do any work on asbestos materials, and obtain a Work Area Access Permit (WAAP) before any maintenance, installation, refurbishment and construction related works of any description.

For more information about P&C responsibilities, contact your school principal.

More information

If you have any concerns about asbestos in department-owned facilities or require any further information, please contact your school principal, facility or ECEC director.

Last updated 30 September 2022