Faith group considerations


Considerations for faith groups establishing and implementing religious instructions

The following are key areas for consideration for faith groups when establishing and implementing religious instruction in Queensland state schools.

Religious leader

  • Inquire with the local state school to determine the number of students of the relevant faith group enrolled at the school.
  • Decide if a single or cooperative arrangement will be used at a school to deliver religious instruction.
  • Provide the principal with a completed Form 1: Single/cooperative arrangement capacity and religious instructor approval (DOC, 911KB) and retain own copy.
  • For a single arrangement determine the training and qualifications for an accredited representative to become a religious instructor.
  • For a cooperative arrangement
    • investigate and consult with other local faith groups to determine the degree of interest in and support for a cooperative arrangement
    • agree on the training and qualifications for an accredited representative to become a religious instructor.
  • Approve the program of religious instruction.
  • Ensure that all accredited representatives have been issued with a blue card prior to entry into a school.
  • Ensure that the religious instruction coordinator receives appropriate support and all necessary materials and resources.
  • Ensure familiarity with relevant legislation, policy and procedures.
  • Ensure that the religious instruction coordinator and religious instructors are familiar with relevant legislation, policy and procedures including confidentiality.
  • Ensure that the religious instruction coordinator and religious instructors receive faith-based induction and ongoing support and training.
  • Provide a copy of the received Form 2: Religious instructor approval (DOC, 311KB) to each religious instructor as evidence of their approval and retain own copy.
  • Ensure all documentation is kept current and new forms submitted to the school only when any changes are made e.g. change of accredited representatives, change of faith groups in a cooperative arrangement, change of a religious leader.

Religious instruction coordinator

  • Collect necessary data (i.e. relevant numbers of students at each year level) from the principal to plan and schedule the delivery of religious instruction at the school.
  • Gain approval from the religious leader/s, prior to use in school/s, for the program of religious instruction and all other materials used and distributed to students during religious instruction.
  • Advise religious instructors that the distribution of any materials other than the authorised program to students during religious instruction requires the consent of the principal and the religious leader.
  • Advise religious instructors that they are not to proselytise in a cooperative arrangement.
  • Provide the principal with all materials used to deliver religious instruction to ensure that the content is age appropriate for the target audience and does not contravene legislation or departmental procedures.
  • Ensure that religious instructors receive appropriate support and all necessary materials and resources.
  • Advise religious instructors of secure storage arrangements for materials used for religious instruction.
  • Inform the principal if parents need to be advised of any costs associated with religious instruction.
  • Respond to concerns or requests for information about the program and its delivery.

Religious instructor

  • Ensure that blue card is current.
  • Ensure that only the program approved by the faith group/s being represented is delivered.
  • Obtain approval from the religious leader/s and the principal before distributing to students any material additional to the authorised program.
  • Retain a copy of Form 2: Religious instructor approval letter issued from each school visited.
  • Follow school-based procedures including signing the visitors' register and wearing a name badge.
  • Follow the advice and directives of the relevant religious instruction coordinator regarding the authorised program.
  • Follow directives of the principal regarding school protocols and procedures at each school visited.
  • Direct any concerns or requests for information to the principal or the religious instruction coordinator.
Last updated 14 November 2018