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The SDSS Program supports schools by providing funding to approved organisations to deliver services to improve access to, and participation in, the curriculum and the educational outcomes for eligible school-aged students with disability.

The SDSS Program Guidelines (PDF, 538KB) were established and provide the program’s purpose, objectives, terms and conditions. Funded organisations are required to maintain compliance with these guidelines throughout the funding period and in accordance with their Service Agreement.

Key reporting documents and required forms

Performance reports – due 1 August 2019

Performance reports – due 30 January 2020

Certificate of Expenditure – due 30 January 2020

Other documents

Certificate of Expenditure

A Certificate of Expenditure is required for each approved funding category each year. The Certificate of Expenditure must be provided by the dates detailed in your Service Agreement and in the SDSS Program Funding Payments and Reporting Schedule.

Audit report

An audit report in accordance with your Service Agreement must be provided by the dates detailed in your service agreement and in the SDSS Program Funding Payments and Reporting Schedule.

The audit report must identify each funding category separately in a similar format as the Certificate of Expenditure.

School Request for Support Form (SRSF)

It is a requirement of your Service Agreement to obtain a signed SRSF for each student which is valid for the current school year and then must be renewed.

Funded organisations may either utilise the form or incorporate all provisions contained within this request form into their own document for schools to request services under the SDSS Program.

Protocols for SDSS services

Protocols for delivering SDSS services to schools have been developed to assist SDSS organisations to establish and maintain effective professional engagements between SDSS organisations and schools including initial contact and appointments.

Service Agreement – variations

The department recognises that services and funding requirements may change over the funding period including changes to improve outcomes and ensure alignment with the SDSS Program objectives. The Service Agreement variation request form (DOCX, 127KB) provides for a range of potential changes and must be completed and approved prior to commencing with any changes to your existing service agreement.

All completed service agreement variation requests will be assessed and the outcome will be advised in writing. We may seek to clarify the request or seek additional information.

Frequently asked questions

Student eligibility and survey

Is a student’s verification under the relevant education adjustment program required if they have not yet received verification?
While organisations are no longer required to survey schools, can my organisation still survey schools?

Case studies

I would like to clarify how many case studies are required?
Is there a format the case studies are required to follow?

School request for support form

The requirement for a SRSF renewed each school year for each student will take time - is there any other way this requirement can be met?
Why is the SRSF required for every student and need to be renewed each school year?
When does the SRSF need to be renewed?
If changes to support needs or goals occur within the calendar year, is a new SRSF need to be completed?

SDSS Program reporting

Our organisation has been approved for more than one funding category, can we combine the reporting requirements?
Money earned from interest on SDSS funding or SDSS services (fee for service) are required to be treated as if the money was part of the SDSS funding (service agreement - Section 7.2). How should my organisation report on this?

Service agreement

If I require a change to the service agreement, what is the process?
Is a Variation Request Form required to make changes between existing identified Professional Staff in Attachment 6 of the Service Agreement?

SDSS Program enquiries


Telephone: (07) 3513 6743

Last updated 27 August 2019