Student hostels assistance



The Department of Education provides recurrent and capital assistance to eligible non-profit organisations providing hostel accommodation in rural areas to accommodate geographically isolated primary and secondary students (including students with disabilities) so they may have daily access to schools.

Recurrent assistance

The Student Hostel Recurrent Grant is a per capita grant designed to assist hostels with operational costs. The department strongly encourages expenditure of 40% on pastoral care services to students in hostels.

Continued payment is conditional upon the provision of a Financial Certificate signed by an auditor and the completion of a satisfactory Statement of Uses and Benefits for the funds received in the previous calendar year. Student attendance is also certified by both the hostel management authority and school principal(s).

Capital assistance

A subsidy of up to 50% is available for approved capital expenditure incurred by eligible organisations in maintaining, establishing, improving or equipping an approved student hostel.

Hostel management authorities must account for capital grant funds received by completing a Financial Statement and Audit Report, to be signed by a qualified auditor.

Duration of program


Policy reference

Paragraph 368 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (Part 9)
Student Hostel Support Scheme Procedure

All benefits are conditional upon hostels being approved to receive funding. Hostels must demonstrate triennially that they continue to meet hostel general funding conditions.

Recurrent assistance

Assistance can occur when:

  • Students must be in attendance for at least four consecutive weeks in a semester.
  • Parents of students must reside in Queensland.
  • Students must attend an approved school.

Capital assistance

Assistance can occur when:

  • Hostels indicate in December an intention to apply for capital funding in the following financial year.
  • Hostels complete formal applications by 31 May for further consideration.
  • All applications received are assessed according to established criteria.
  • Hostels must not commence work prior to being officially notified of funding approval.

The forms

Capital Grant Application Form (DOCX, 72KB)
Intention to Apply for Capital Grant (DOCX, 77KB)
Student Hostel Recurrent Grant Claim Form (DOCX, 59KB)
Statement of Uses and Benefits (DOCX, 48KB)
Financial Certificate (DOCX, 75KB)

2018 school calendar

2018 Calendar of Events (DOCX, 28KB)

The kit

Hostel Assistance Kit 2018 (DOCX, 176KB)

Form of assistance

Cash grant

Payment details

Recurrent assistance

Payment details for Student Hostels Assistance — recurrent assistance

PaymentDuring month ofEntitlement paid if
Semester 1MarchStudents are in attendance for at least four weeks prior to claim being submitted
Semester 2AugustStudents are in attendance for at least four weeks prior to claim being submitted
SupplementaryNovemberStudents are enrolled between August and October

Capital assistance

During month ofEntitlement paid
During financial year of approvalUp to 50% of approved project costs

Current rates

Student Hostel Recurrent Grant

Rates of payment for Recurrent Grant from 1 January 2018:

  • first 20 students, $4,284 per student per annum
  • each additional student $3,742 per student per annum
  • minimum grant per hostel $13,048 (hostels with 8 eligible students or less will receive the minimum grant until enrolments increase or while the hostel retains approval status).

Capital grant

Up to 50% of approved project costs up to a maximum of $50,000 per hostel per annum

Data requirements

Recurrent assistance

Data requirements for Student Hostels Assistance — recurrent assistance

Data requiredData sourceTime collected
Student names, home addresses, boarding dates, schools attended, years enrolledHostelMarch, August, November
Financial Certificate and Statement of Uses and BenefitsHostelSecond Semester

Capital grant

Data requirements for Student Hostels Assistance — capital grant

Data requiredData sourceTime collected
Intention to apply for capital funding in the following financial yearHostelDecember
Formal applicationHostelMay
Financial Statement and Audit ReportHostelAccompany next Financial Certificate for recurrent funding
Last updated 21 September 2018