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This copyright statement applies to QLearn and is part of the acceptable use policy.

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  • intellectual property (including copyright material) subject to different conditions of use – your right to use this material is set out in the licence/conditions of use supplied with that material.
  • material available under other specified licences (e.g. material published on the learning@home page).

You may contribute material of which you are the copyright owner ('your copyright material') and material where copyright is owned by others ('third party copyright material') to QLearn. Where you do not own the copyright in the material you contribute, you must ensure that the owner of those rights, or person authorised to sublicense those rights, grants the rights listed below to the department.

By contributing your copyright material and third party copyright material to QLearn, you grant, and ensure that owners of third party copyright material grant, the department a royalty-free and irrevocable licence to do any act comprised in the copyright in the material, including to:

  • publish, reproduce, communicate, display, modify, store and distribute the material or any part of the material in all formats and media (including without limitation, print, digital and electronic media) for any non-commercial use
  • authorise other users of QLearn to copy, download, print, reproduce and modify material on QLearn for personal or non-commercial educational use provided that they attribute the creator of the material.

As far as practicable, material for which the copyright is owned by a third party will be clearly labelled. The department has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that this material has been reproduced on QLearn with the full consent of the copyright owners. If you believe content has been made available without permission, please contact us.

If you use the links or mechanics ​provided on QLearn to access a third party's website, application, material or other services​, you acknowledge that the terms of use, including licence terms, set out on the third party's website or with the materials or services apply to the use which you may make of those materials and services and may provide rights for the third party provider to use copyright material that you submit when using its services. Links to terms and other information about third party providers are available on the third party information page​.

We encourage you (including parents and carers of students under 18) to read the information provided about each online service, including the terms of use.​

For enquiries concerning any further or additional use of material on QLearn, please email the Copyright Unit at​.

Written enquiries can be mailed to:

Copyright Unit, Level 11
Information Management
Department of Education
PO Box 15033
City East QLD 4002

Changes to the copyright state​ment

We may vary this copyright statement from time to time. We will notify you of these changes by publishing them on QLearn. We will not separately notify you of these changes.

Safe Ha​rbour scheme

The department participates in the safe harbour scheme in Part V Division 2AA of the Copyright Act 1968 and has appointed the National Copyright Unit as its designated representative for receiving take down notices issued under the scheme.

All take down notices issued under the scheme can be sent via email to​ or by mail to:

The National Copyright Director
National Copyright Unit
105 Phillip Street
Parramatta NSW 2150

Queries in regards to the Safe Harbour scheme can be made to the National Copyright Unit on (02) 7814 3855.

Last updated 28 March 2023