Queensland Academy for Creative Industries


Enrolment Eligibility Plan


The Queensland Academy for Creative Industries caters for students in Years 10, 11 and 12, offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma) Programme as the only curriculum framework in Years 11 and 12. Year 10 students complete a Pre-IB course of study that prepares them for the rigour and skill set required to successfully complete the IB Diploma. Students undergo a selective entry process prior to an offer of enrolment. The IB Diploma Programme provides students with the opportunity of global university entry and in most cases advanced standing arrangements with universities. The IB Diploma Programme is externally moderated to give assurance to universities of the high quality of graduates.


The Queensland Academy for Creative Industries recognises as its prime obligation the provision of this specialised educational program for students who, through rigorous testing, are judged to be well placed to achieve the IB Diploma.

This plan sets out the requirements for enrolment of students at the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries.

Enrolment capacity of the school

The Queensland Academy for Creative Industries currently has the capacity to enrol up to 519 students across Years 10, 11 and 12.

Enrolment policy

Under Chapter 8 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (the Act), a principal must enrol a student at the school the student is entitled to be enrolled. Students enrolling at the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries must be eligible for general enrolment in state schools and must also satisfy the specific enrolment criteria of the academy set out in this plan.

General enrolment requirements for state schools

Prior to assessment against the enrolment criteria the Principal must be satisfied that the student meets the general enrolment requirements for state schools as set out in the Act (for example having an allocation of State schooling remaining, and/or in the case of mature-aged students possessing a positive mature-age student notice). The Principal may also defer an enrolment decision to the Director-General if a student poses an unacceptable risk to the safety or wellbeing of the school community. Applicants who have been refused enrolment on the basis of the general enrolment requirements may pursue review rights under the Act as advised by the Principal.

Enrolment criteria

The student must also meet the enrolment criteria set out below.

In order to be eligible for enrolment at the academy a student must at a minimum:

  • demonstrate (via presentation of evidence at the time of application) that they:
    • have Australian Citizenship or are the child of an Australian citizen
    • have Permanent Resident status or are the child of a permanent resident; or are eligible under a Visa category that ensures the residency period allows for completion of the three-year course
  • reach the benchmark results on the academic entrance test
  • successfully completed an interview
  • provide academic evidence of school-based assessment at their previous school.

Student selection process

Enrolment applications are to be made via the Queensland Academies Admissions Office. The Queensland Academies Admissions Office conducts relevant tests and provides advice to the Principal about the student’s eligibility under the enrolment eligibility plan criteria.

The Principal will consider this advice when determining a student’s enrolment application. The Principal will also consider the general enrolment requirements and the assessment data regarding the student’s performance against the enrolment criteria for the academy. The Principal is responsible for all decisions on enrolments and may request any additional documentation or conduct other enquiries deemed necessary to satisfy enrolment eligibility criteria. Students will not be eligible for enrolment unless they have undergone assessment by the Principal.

Vacancies will be filled through a rank order. Students will be ranked in order according to all enrolment eligibility data, including the entrance test results, interview data and analysis of school-based assessment. Should more than one round of entry be necessary in any one year, the number of enrolment places remaining from the preceding round of offers will be filled through a rank order, as per the above.

Students determined as suitable candidates after the incoming Year 10 cohort capacity has been reached will be considered for intake as vacancies arise for Year 10 only. These vacancies will be filled through continuance of the rank order from all enrolment eligibility data.

Siblings of current students are not eligible for automatic enrolment and must apply through the normal process.

Entrance test data is confidential, and individual results will not be released.

Note: The Principal reserves the right to cease processing an application for enrolment of a future student or cease the enrolment of an existing student where entitlement to enrolment has been obtained through false or misleading statements. This is to ensure appropriate support can be provided to students on commencement of enrolment.

Enrolment decisions

Where the Principal determines that an application does not satisfy the conditions for the eligibility criteria the Queensland Academies Admissions Office will notify the applicant in writing.

Application for admission is no guarantee of successful enrolment. Fees paid in association with the admissions and enrolment processes are non-refundable.

The Principal is responsible for all decisions regarding selective entry enrolment and this decision will be final. There is no school review of the Principal’s decision.

Review date

The Enrolment Eligibility Plan for the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries is internally reviewed each year, and if required, updated to reflect any changes to enrolment capacity.

Last updated 29 July 2019