Upper Coomera State College


School Enrolment Management Plan

Upper Coomera State College recognises as its prime obligation, the provision of access to an appropriate educational service for students whose principal place of residence is within the school's catchment area.

Because of enrolment capacity and growth, Upper Coomera State College may be unable to meet this obligation in the future unless action is taken to manage enrolments. The Principal must restrict the enrolment of out-of-catchment students to ensure in-catchment students can enrol at their local state school without requiring additional facilities.

Student enrolment capacity

Upper Coomera State College has a maximum student enrolment capacity of 2,438 students.

The number of students entering Prep in any given year must not exceed 150 in 6 classrooms, unless there are more than 150 students enrolling from within the catchment area.

The school's Signature Programs in STEM, Sports and Creative Arts are supported through the allocation of a defined number of places. Places in the programs of excellence will only be available to out-of-catchment enrolments once the demand for in-catchment enrolment has been met and sufficient Student Enrolment Capacity has been reserved for future in-catchment growth. Currently, Upper Coomera State College has the capacity to enrol:

  • 100 in the STEM Academy
  • 168 in the Sports Academy
  • 180 in the Creative Arts Academy

Local catchment area

A school's local catchment area is the defined geographical area from which the school is to have its core intake of students.

As Upper Coomera State College is a Prep to Year 12 campus, it has separate catchment areas for primary and secondary.

This school operates under an equidistant for their primary catchment and a negotiated for their secondary catchment.

Upper Coomera State College is adjacent to Helensvale State high School (SHS), Foxwell State Secondary College, Pimpama Secondary College (Year 7–9), Pacific Pines SHS, Ormeau Woods SHS, Windaroo Valley SHS and Tamborine Mountain SHS which provide schooling from Years 7–12. Upper Coomera State College is also adjacent to Highland Reserve State School (SS), Helensvale SS, Oxenford SS, Pimpama SS, Pimpama State Primary College, Pacific Pines SS, Coomera Rivers SS, Coomera Springs SS and Coomera SS which provide schooling from Prep to Year 6.

Therefore, Upper Coomera State College provides Prep to Year 12 to a wider catchment area. This means that the school has 2 different catchment areas, i.e. one for Prep to Year 6 (equidistant), and another for Years 7–12 (negotiated).

The school's catchment map is available from EdMap.

Out-of-catchment application

Out-of-catchment students applying for enrolment at the school are placed on a waiting list, assessed in order of receipt and prioritised as follows:

  • For P–12 schools
    • Primary school-aged siblings of students currently enrolled in the secondary campus.
    • Secondary school-aged siblings of students currently enrolled in the primary campus.
    • Students who live within the primary catchment, but upon enrolment would be attending the secondary campus.
    • Students who live within the secondary catchment, but upon enrolment would be attending the primary campus.
  • For schools with a Program of Excellence
    • Subject to available student enrolment capacity, places will only be available to out-of-catchment enrolments if they satisfy the school's criteria for placement in that particular Program of Excellence and the defined number of places has not yet been filled by enrolments from within the catchment. Sufficient student enrolment capacity must be reserved for future in-catchment growth. (Please note: The enrolment criteria for the Programs of Excellence are available from the school.)
  • For secondary schools with a wider catchment area for Years 11–12
    • Students who live within the senior secondary catchment but not within the junior secondary catchment.
  • All other out-of-catchment enrolment applications

Enrolment policy and procedure

The enrolment policy includes further information about in-catchment and out-of-catchment enrolments, acceptance and assessment processes, as well as any associated fees and decisions on enrolments.

For further information regarding School Enrolment Management Plans, please refer to the School Enrolment Management Plans Procedure or contact the school principal.

Gazettal date

This updated version of the School Enrolment Management Plan for Upper Coomera State College was gazetted on 25 August 2023.

The School Enrolment Management Plan is internally reviewed each year, and if required, updated to reflect any changes to student enrolment capacity and/or Programs of Excellence.​

Last updated 11 September 2023