Outside school hours care


​​​​Outside school hours care (OSHC) is offered at many state schools. Where OSHC is available at a school, all children enrolled at the school are eligible for OSHC registration.

OSHC services may be delivered by:

  • the school’s Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C)
  • a commercial provider.


The following fundamental principles apply to OSHC.

  • OSHC is established to provide high quality education and care.
  • Access to OSHC should be equitable.
  • Successful OSHC delivery requires collaboration and effective communication.

Process to impl​​ement OSHC services

Parents and Citiz​​ens' Association

Upon determining that the school may accommodate OSHC services, the P&C will be offered a first right of refusal. At its discretion, the P&C may elect to provide the OSHC services, or may decline. The P&C may only provide the services in strict compliance with the hosting outside school hours care services on state school sites procedure​​​.

Prequali​​fied provider​

When the P&C declines to provide OSHC services, a procurement process is conducted. The procurement process allows commercial providers to compete for use of the facility in which the OSHC services are to be delivered.

The department will consider applications submitted by prequalified providers that have accepted the standard facility agreement terms and conditions.

Procureme​nt pr​​ocess

Procurement for the facility agreement involves release of an invitation to apply. Prequalified providers may submit an application. Applications must both:

  • conform to the requirements stipulated in the invitation
  • nominate relevant pricing and fees associated with the provider’s OSHC services.

An evaluation committee is established to thoroughly assess applications. The evaluation process is overseen by a procurement delegate.

Procurement processes are conducted in accordance with the relevant departmental policies and procedures.

Each invitation identifies the method by which a provider may submit a complaint in relation to the procurement process.

Approved space​​s at the facility

Strict regulations apply to OSHC facilities and the use of those facilities.

Indoor and outdoor spaces must meet minimum size requirements and standards as per legislation.

Compliance directions and/or fines may apply in the case whereby compliance is not achieved. As such, when identifying an appropriate location for OSHC, school principals must thoroughly consider:

  • projected school enrolments
  • building use patterns (e.g. current and potential future school use and community use)
  • master planning, which may have implications for school infrastructure.

Pricing​​ and fees

Fac​​ility fee

Fees are due and payable, from the provider to the school, in exchange for use of the facility.

Fees paid by prequalified providers are based on:

  • a percentage of OSHC services revenue, based on the nature of access to and use of the facility
  • a further percentage of OSHC services revenue, dependent on pre-defined thresholds of average attendance being exceeded
  • a utilities fee, for recouping outgoings associated with the facility.

Provi​​​der pricing

OSHC services pricing is competitively bid in applications submitted by providers.

Pricing may be updated annually, if such updates are provided for in the facility agreement.

Preference to ​​​school students

When accommodating OSHC services attendance, providers shall give preference to children enrolled at the School. Approval of the school principal is required prior to attendance of children enrolled at other schools.

Further reso​​urces

Last updated 28 September 2023