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Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators (RRTWCs) play an important role in coordinating the support provided to injured employees during their recovery. RRTWCs consult with the injured employee, treating doctor/s, health care professionals, supervisor and the relevant insurer (e.g. WorkCover or QSuper) to negotiate suitable duties and develop rehabilitation plans. Their role is further defined in section 99B (PDF, 964KB) of the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulations 2003 (Qld).

RRTWCs in schools and regional offices can access consultancy support, guidance and advice from the Senior Injury Management Consultant/s in their regional office. RRTWCs located in Central Office/CBD locations can access consultancy support, guidance and advice from the Organisational Health Unit in Central Office.

All schools and workplaces are required by the department to have a RRTWC at each school/workplace, or for small schools/workplaces, access to a RRTWC. Information is available on training for rehabilitation and return to work coordinators.

RRTWCs use a range of rehabilitation case management forms. Claim forms related to WorkCover, QSuper and leave are also available.

The workplace rehabilitation roles and responsibilities of principals and RRTWCs are outlined in the RRTWC Checklist (PDF, 288KB). A number of functional job requirement reports have been developed for the department to provide greater detail of the physical and psychological demands of specific positions.

Further details on the department's rehabilitation processes are available in the department's Workplace Rehabilitation Procedure.

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Functional Job Requirement Reports

The Organisational Safety and Wellbeing Unit have developed a range of functional job requirement reports in association with external health professionals. These reports assist with clarifying the specific physical and psychological demands of a range of departmental positions. Reports have been designed to assist doctors and allied health professionals to better understand the expectations of departmental employees and should assist with developing graduated return to work plans and seeking independent medical assessments.

These reports provide general information on the functional job requirements of certain positions, however, consideration should also be given to the specific expectations and environments of individual schools. If there are any school specific issues or tasks not identified in a report, these should be identified to the doctor when seeking a report. In addition, you may choose to include school specific photos in the report.

Functional Job Requirement Reports- Primary School Administration

These documents were developed to assist in the development of rehabilitation programs for injured or ill employees, and provide detailed information about job demands to medical practitioners and allied health professionals undertaking medical reviews of departmental employees.

Functional Job Requirement Reports - Primary Teachers

Functional Job Requirement Reports - Primary Administration Staff

Functional Job Requirement Reports - Primary Teacher Aides

Functional Job Requirements Reports - Secondary Teachers

 Functional Job Requirement Reports - School Support Staff

Functional Job Requirements Reports - Special Education

Last updated 13 May 2021