Rural and remote education


The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that all students, no matter where they live, have access to a range of high quality education and training programs. Nearly half of all state schools in Queensland are in rural and remote locations, with approximately one-quarter of state school students enrolled in these schools.

Understanding the unique challenges of teaching in rural and remote schools and working to address the particular needs of students living in geographically isolated areas, forms the foundation of our commitment to supporting these schools and communities.

Supporting rural and remote education

The Advancing rural and remote education in Queensland state schools action plan (PDF, 1MB) sets the direction for supporting students, families, teachers and school leaders in rural and remote areas.

Informed through community consultation sessions in Weipa, Mount Isa, Roma, Gin Gin and Longreach, stakeholder meetings and an online survey, the action plan focuses on three key areas:

  • Every rural and remote student succeeding
  • Valuing our people
  • Building positive partnerships.

Every day our rural and remote state schools are creating and promoting a culture of high expectations. The initiatives that are being implemented as part of the action plan support the great work that is happening throughout our state.

Centres for Learning and Wellbeing

In response to feedback received during the consultation, four new Rural and Remote Centres for Learning and Wellbeing are being established to provide valuable professional learning and capability development for teachers and school leaders at all stages of their careers. The centres will also support the wellbeing of staff and assist in the facilitation of interagency support for students and their families.

The first two centres have been established in Mt Isa and Roma with satellite centres in Normanton and Kingaroy. In Term 1 2019, two additional centres will be established in Emerald and Atherton. The Emerald centre will have a satellite in Longreach. The Atherton centre will also provide satellite services, with staff working in Weipa, Cooktown and across Cape York and the Torres Strait to ensure service delivery reaches the region's small rural schools, Indigenous communities and those schools in a range of remote locations.

Partners in Learning program

A Partners in Learning program was trialled in 2018. The program assists home tutors of students enrolled in a School of Distance Education (SDE) to improve their skills in supporting children's reading. The program provides specialist advice and strategies to home tutors to build their capability to inspire, encourage and teach children to read and support reading development throughout a child's schooling years.

For further information on the Partners in Learning program, contact

Rural and Remote Teacher Experience program

Rural and remote teaching offers a range of professional, personal and lifestyle benefits for both new and experienced teachers.

The Rural and Remote Teacher Experience program gives urban teachers from Queensland state schools the opportunity to see first-hand the benefits of living and teaching in a rural or remote location through a one week experience. In 2018, teachers travelled to schools in Darling Downs South West and Central Queensland regions as part of the program. 

Teachers interested in finding out more about the program and how to apply can contact

Destination teach – rural and remote teacher transfers

The Department of Education Queensland has schools located in a diverse range of settings from South West Queensland to the Gulf and Torres Strait. Rural and remote teaching offers professional, personal and lifestyle benefits. Destination teach is about promoting these benefits, providing a space for interested permanent teachers to register their interest to transfer to a rural or remote location and supporting them in their transfer journey.

For further information and eligibility requirements, search 'destination teach' in OnePortal or email


Consultation report (PDF, 1.1MB)

Advancing rural and remote education in Queensland state schools action plan (PDF, 1MB) | (DOCX, 35KB)

Advancing rural and remote education in Queensland state schools - factsheets for families (PDF, 345KB) | (DOCX, 28KB)

Advancing rural and remote education in Queensland state schools - factsheets for teachers (PDF, 334KB) | (DOCX, 28KB)

Rural and remote state schools

Search whether a school is in a rural or remote zone using the Schools Directory.

Financial assistance and programs are available to assist eligible students and communities in rural and remote locations.

Last updated 21 February 2019