Youth Support Coordinator Initiative


​The purpose of the Youth Support Coordinator Initiative (YSCI) is to support retention and attainment of young people in Years 10 to 12 who have disengaged, or who are at risk of disengaging, from education. The initiative enhances opportunities for further education and sustainable future employment.

State secondary schools that receive a YSCI allocation can use the funds to:

  • directly employ a Youth Support Coordinator (YSC)
  • purchase the services of a YSC through an Accredited Employing Authority (AEA)
  • purchase programs, courses or training for students in the target group.

The YSCI operational guidelines  provide further information about the initiative, including the way that an allocation may be used.

Additional information about YSCI funding can be found on the core funding page.

Youth Support Coordinators

The majority of schools in the YSCI use all or part of their allocation to employ a YSC. YSCs work directly with students to support their engagement and assist them with strategies to stay at school and have a positive learning experience. YSCs work as part of the schools’ student support team and can refer students who need additional support to suitable internal and external support services.

Further information about YSCs and their role in schools can be found in the:

Regional Youth Support Coordinators

Each of the Department of Education’s 7 regions has a Regional Youth Support Coordinator to provide management, training and support to YSCs in their region. Regional Youth Support Coordinators may also provide case coordination and support to students with complex support needs.

Further information about Regional Youth Support Coordinators and their role can be found in the Regional Youth Support Coordinator role description.

Accredited Employing Authorities

Some schools choose to employ a YSC through an Accredited Employing Authority rather than employing their YSC directly. Accredited Employing Authorities are organisations that the department has approved to supply services to schools and are experienced at working with young people at risk.

Contact details for relevant organisations are available through this list of Accredited Employing Authorities. Additional information for schools about Accredited Employing Authorities is available on the department’s supply arrangements page on OnePortal.

When establishing a contract with an Accredited Employing Authority and formalising an agreement with an individual staff member, schools should use the following forms:

Supporting documents

All staff working with students as part of the YSCI need to obtain student consent using the YSCI: student information document and consent form.

Contact for further information

For more information about the YSCI in a specific region, please contact the Regional Youth Support Coordinator through the regional office.

Last updated 11 April 2022