Every student with disability succeeding plan



Our journey so f​ar

Our new Every student with disability succeeding plan 2021–2025 builds on the work we have undertaken so far to implement the Queensland Disability Review and our response plan, our first Every student with disability succeeding plan.

Some of our main achievements so far have included a new inclusive education policy, initiatives to support parents of students with disability and to improve student outcomes.

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Our new plan

Our new Every student with disability succeeding 2021–2025 plan aims to support the success and wellbeing of every student with disability through each stage of learning in an inclusive education system.

It supports the department’s commitment to give all children a great start, ensuring every student succeeds, as outlined in our State Schools Improvement Strategy 2021–2025: Every student succeeding.

Our new plan places a greater focus on student engagement and wellbeing, human rights and supporting students to successfully transition through the stages of schooling when they start Prep, move to secondary education and onto life after school. The new plan also commits to undertaking the final Queensland Disability Review recommendation and transitioning to a new resource allocation model for students with disability. This resource allocation review has commenced with consultation occurring with occurring with a wide range of stakeholders including unions, principal/professional associations, parent groups, disability advocates and academics. 

We will continue to monitor student outcomes, including academic achievement, school disciplinary absences, access to full-time educational programs and Queensland Certificate of Education attainment. As part of our new plan, we will also be monitoring student wellbeing, student and parent satisfaction and retention in Y​ears 10 to 12.

To achieve better outcomes, our new plan commits to actions under 3 focus areas:


Setting expectations to foster an inclusive culture which respects diversity and acknowledges that with the right support, every student with disability can succeed.


Building capability to support schools and build the confidence and capability of staff to provide the right support as children and young people transition through each stage of learning.


Collaborating with students, parents and the community to ensure students with disability and their families are heard and are engaged as equal partners in improving outcomes.

You can hear about how some Queensland state schools are improving outcomes for students with disability in these videos:

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Last updated 22 October 2021