​A suite of curriculum resources is available providing learning opportunities for students to continue their learning while not being able to access a school. These materials are designed as a support tool for students to continue their learning and engage in familiar activities essential to their learning and wellbeing. 

Two-week units of learning

Two-week units of learning for students to complete away from school at their own pace are available for download. These units of work are based on the typical work students would be learning at school and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

It is important to remember, the learning@home materials have been developed as additional materials, and are not a replacement for the curriculum programs that schools will provide.

Included in the learning@home curriculum resources are two-week units of learning. The first set of two-week units of learning materials align with the first 2 weeks of Term 2, 2020.

Before using the two-week units of learning materials it is important, that you review any communications from your child’s school and teachers to see how these materials fit into the school’s program, and with other work set by your child’s school to complete at home.

Instructions for students and parents learning@home

Download the relevant two-week units of learning. These units include a lesson overview, lesson plans, activity sheets and resources intended to be completed sequentially over a fortnight. Unzip and save the materials on your desktop computer.

With your child, regardless of what year level they are, read through the units of learning to find out how many lessons are included, where there are instructions to be followed, icons to note or resources that could be printed or downloaded. Read any helpful information sections to get a sense of what needs to be completed.

Together decide how many lessons there are for each subject and when they are going to be completed. Create a schedule or timetable for how to progressively work through the sequence of lessons and activities over a two-week period – teachers may have already set a schedule.

Make sure you have a learning space set up with the necessary tools and resources to help your child focus and learn. You may like to create a chart or list to check off over the fortnight as lessons and activities are completed.

Remember to check-in with your school and/or your teacher/s if you need support.

Copyright of materials

Copyright in the C2C Materials is owned by, or in the case of some third party materials, licensed to, the State of Queensland. Apart from use authorised by the licence or permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, all rights are reserved.

C2C materials are made available only under the terms of the C2C licence.

Unzipping files

The units of work must be unzipped prior to use. If they are not unzipped, links will not be accessible.

The instructions on how to unzip the two-week units of work are available:

Note: Mac OS automatically unzips the package upon download.


 Two-week units of work resources

Last updated 20 October 2020