​QLearn is the department’s digital learning management system for student learning.

QLearn is a simple, engaging and reliable learning ecosystem that can support every student and learner at every stage of their learning journey.

The QLearn Learning Ecosystem is comprehensive and includes the following.

  • Canvas: The department’s learning management system. It is the main gateway to student and workforce learning. Canvas also incorporates:
    • Canvas Commons: A digital library where educators can find, import and share learning resources with other Canvas users
    • Canvas Studio: Lets educators create and deliver an engaging and interactive learning experience for students. Studio allows for instructions, assessments and additional learning to be incorporated in a video experience.
  • OneSchool: Integration with OneSchool provides for the automatic creation of courses, as well as the enrolment of students, teachers and other required participants based on the school’s OneSchool timetable.
  • Atomic Jolt: Atomic Search is an integrated plug-in that indexes Canvas content to allow for more powerful searching and the ability to insert items when creating courses.
  • openEquella: The department’s learning object repository used to access over 75,000 resources.

Importantly, QLearn integrates seamlessly with MS Office 365 allowing for the best of both worlds. Students can use MS Office 365 documents, spreadsheets or presentations for Canvas Collaborations.

The Turnitin plagiarism tool is now integrated into QLearn—​promoting academic integrity, streamlining grading and feedback, and improving student outcomes.​

The following are coming in 2024.

  • Cerego: An adaptive learning platform that creates unique learning paths suited to the exact needs of each learner.
  • QParents: For parents with an active QParents account, QParents allows observer access for parents and carers, enabling them to be more engaged in their student’s classroom activities.
  • Canvas Credentials: A digital badging platform that awards badges based on predefined earning criteria.


QLearn supports students’ different learning needs

QLearn integrates with a number of the department’s enterprise platforms.

  • Microsoft Office 365 providing students to access and edit their documents within QLearn and external to QLearn and allowing students to submit assignments including spreadsheets or presentations.
  • Identity and Access Management populating student and staff information in QLearn.
  • OneSchool (student and school information system) automatically enrolling staff and student in course shells within QLearn aligned to the OneSchool class timetable.

QLearn enables differentiated learning by delivering:

    access to Microsoft Immersive Reader. Immersive Reader assists students of any age and reading ability with features such as reading text aloud, breaking text into syllables, translating languages, focusing attention through highlighting and increasing spacing between lines

  • capacity for both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. Being real-time, synchronous learning allows students to engage with class materials and their peers at the same time, giving them a more immersive connected environment. With asynchronous online learning, students have the flexibility to learn in their own time at their own pace
  • accessible learning materials through the built-in 'A11Y checker'
  • learning pathways within learning material, with progress guided by meeting requirements and achieving prerequisites
  • Mastery Paths so that teachers can layout different learning pathways within modules related to student capacity and ability. This can help increase student choice and meet learners where they are.

QLearn is preparing students for the future

Students will have access to Canvas Credentials. This will enable badges to be earned for achieving learning milestones in QLearn and these milestones can be connected in pathways to guide and reward student learning.


Learning is a partnership with parents

Coming in 2024, parents with a QParents account will have observer access to their child’s learning in QLearn, enabling them to:

  • keep up to date with their child’s learning via notifications
  • plan for a successful year by viewing the course calendar
  • be more engaged in their child’s classroom activities
  • track their child’s learning progress via access to assignment, feedback and grades.

The quality of discussion between the school and home will grow with increased visibility and in doing so, will contribute to each child reaching their potential.​

The QLearn acceptable use policy applies to your use of QLearn. The policy consists of conditions of use, privacy statement and copyright statement.
Last updated 25 October 2023