​Parents with children at participating QParents schools can access student information through the QParents application. The term 'parent' is used throughout to denote parents, carers, kinship and families.

QParents is a secure, online portal free to all Queensland state schools. It provides parents quick and easy access to:

  • view upcoming events
  • access and provide digital consent
  • view timetables
  • view and update student and attendance details (including future absences)
  • view behaviour information
  • view and pay invoices
  • access payment history
  • access report cards and assessment planners
  • access enrolment history.

The QParents app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and accessed through a:

  • smartphone
  • tablet
  • personal computer.

Note: Initial registration cannot be completed via the app and must be completed using a personal computer. Once registered, you can choose to use the QPar​ents app on your tablet or smartphone, or via the mobile browser. Refer to registration and access​ for more information.

Make sure you use the latest browser version (e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) when logging in to QParents from your computer or mobile device.

Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.

Further information about QParents:

​Privacy and security​

The QParents privacy statement outlines how your privacy is protected.

QParents is a secure portal that uses a range of security measures to protect the integrity and privacy of an account owner’s personal data.

The identity of a parent must be verified before their account is approved to become a QParents Account Owner (QPAO).

When logging on, you may be prompted by email or SMS to enter a security code to verify your identity before access is granted.

Always log out and close your browser when you finish your session to maintain the security of your QParents account. This is particularly important if you are accessing the service from a public computer.

Refer to the fact sheet for parents​ for more information about how the department protects personal information.

QParents Account Owner​​

A QPAO is a person who is approved by a school to access the information and functionality available in QParents. More than 1 parent can be nominated and invited by the school to become a QPAO.

Delegated Viewer​​​

As a QPAO, you can invite another person to view a student's information in QParents as a Delegated Viewer. For each invited Delegated Viewer, the QPAO will be required to nominate which information (e.g.​ timetables, report cards, absences) can be viewed. These can be changed at any time by the QPAO, including removing all access.

Note: A Delegated Viewer will only have view access and cannot update any student information or provide digital consent in QParents. If you are a parent who needs to be able to manage your child's information, it is recommended you are a QPAO rather than a Delegated Viewer. Please contact your child's school to receive an invitation to join as a QPAO.​

Last updated 14 November 2023