Glencore Central Queensland Solid Pathways Scholarships



To assist schools to support eligible high performing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Year 6 to Year 8 in Central Queensland.


The Glencore Scholarship program was established in 2018 when Glencore Coal Assets Australia (GCAA) approached the department to initiate a partnership in the Central Queensland region.

The Glencore Central Queensland Solid Pathways Scholarships initiative aims to improve the educational and life outcomes for high achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the Central Queensland region. Ongoing student support and utilising an individual case management approach are key features of the scholarships.

Duration of program

Round 1: 2018–2020
Round 2: 2019–2021
Round 3: 2020–2022


To be eligible for the Central Queensland Glencore scholarship, students must meet the below criteria and must continue to meet the criteria to remain in the program:

  • be an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student
  • attend a state school in the Central Queensland region
  • demonstrate commitment to maintaining a minimum B grade for English, Mathematics and Science
  • have a minimum 85% attendance rate at the school.

To continue to receive the scholarship from Year 6 to 8, recipients must:

  • participate in a minimum of 85% of online Solid Pathways – STEM lessons (Year 6 only)
  • maintain a minimum 85% school attendance rate
  • maintain a minimum B grade average (or higher) in English, Mathematics and Science at the end of each school term
  • continue their enrolment from Years 6 to 8 in a Central Queensland state school
  • have no significant behavioral issues recorded in OneSchool.

Allocation of funds

This program provides funding for 3 cohorts over 3 years:

  • Cohort 1—applicants in Year 6 2018 (20 applications were selected)
  • Cohort 2—applicants in Year 6 2019 (15 applications were selected)
  • Cohort 3—applicants in Year 6 2020 (15 applications were selected)

Funding is provided to the department by Glencore and then paid through School Appropriation Payments Application (SAPA) to the schools of the successful applicants. A maximum of $7,500 per student is allocated over a 3-year period. Refer to the table below.

Cohort 1 (2018–2020)

​Year level​Semester 1 per student​Semester 2 per student
​Year 6​$1,000 ​​(allocated in May 2018)​​$1,000 (allocated in July 2018)
Year 7$2,000 (allocated in December 2018)
Year 8​ ​$1,500 (allocated in July 2019)​ ​$2,000 (allocated in March 2020)

Payment details

​PaymentDuring month of​​Proportion of allocation paid
​Semester 1, 2018​May​$1,000
​Semester 2, 2018​July​$1,000
​Semester 1, 2018​December​$2,000
​Semester 1, 2019​July​$1,500
​Semester 1, 2020​March​$2,000 – last payment

Cohort 2 (2019–2021)

​Year levelSemester 1 per studentSemester 2 per student
​Year 6​$1,000 ​​(allocated in May 2019)​​$1,000 (allocated in December 2019)
Year 7$3,500 (allocated in March 2020)
Year 8​$2,000 (allocated in March 2021)

Payment details

​Payment During month of​​Proportion of allocation paid
​Semester 1, 2019​May​$1,000
​Semester 2, 2019​December​$1,000
​Semester 1, 2020​March​$3,500
​Semester 1, 2021​March​$2,000 – last payment

Cohort 3 (2020–2022)

​Year levelSemester 1 per student
​Year 6​$2,000 ​​(allocated in March 2020)
Year 7$3,500 (allocated in March 2021)
Year 8​ ​$2,000 (allocated in March 2022)

Payment details

​PaymentDuring month of​​Proportion of allocation paid
​Semester 1, 2020​March​$2,000
​Semester 1, 2021​March​$3,500
​Semester 1, 2022​March​$2,000 – last payment

Data requirements

​Data item​Data source​Due date

​Confirmation through contact with the schools (email) and OneSchool student data.

Confirmation that the students continue to meet scholarship criteria each semester.

​Participating state schools​End of each semester

Recoupment policy

Schools receive funds based on individual students. If a student no longer meets the program eligibility criteria, recoupments of residual funding may be requested from the school.

Any unspent scholarship funds identified at the end of Year 8 will be recouped by the Department of Education.


Policy Enquiry
State Schools – Indigenous Education Performance
Phone: (07) 3513 5807​​

Payment Enquiry
Finance Branch
Phone: (07) 3034 5817

Last updated 21 August 2023