The School Refresh Program



To support eligible schools to undertake extra maintenance works for the remainder of the 2021–22 financial year. This has been extended into the 2022–23 financial year.

Duration of program



State schools built before 2012 including Environmental Education Centres but excluding Public Private Partnership (PPP) schools.

Allocation of funds

All schools built before 2012 are eligible for additional maintenance funding to address tasks on the school's Asset Lifecycle Condition Assessment or School Strategic Infrastructure Plan. The funding may also be used to purchase furniture.

Schools with bank balances greater than $200,000 will be asked to make a co-contribution. The contribution will vary based on the below information.

School co-contribution explanation

As per the criteria outlined in the correspondence in November 2021, the bank balance assessed at the commencement of the program may be required to co-contribute to be eligible for the funding.

Schools with a bank balance:

  • less than $200,000 are not required to contribute as part of their allocation
  • between $200,000 to $500,000 will be asked to make a co-contribution of 33% of the works. In this case, the department will contribute 67% of the approved purchase order/quote to the maximum of the school allocation amount
  • more than $500,000 will be asked to make a co-contribution of 50% of the works. In this case the department will contribute 50% of the approved purchase order/quote to the maximum of the school allocation amount.

The School Refresh Program is intended to complement the existing school maintenance program allocation, and all schools must also expend their annual maintenance allocation.

There are 2 funding options available.

School model (Direct to Market-D2M) – the school sources quotes as per the current D2M process. The school will receive a payment via SAPA for the department's contribution after purchase orders have been raised to coincide with the engagement of the supplier.

Region model – regional infrastructure staff support schools to source quotes through QBuild or private contractors. Infrastructure Services, QBuild or the private contractors will consult with the school prior to contract award, which will require a confirmation email from the school confirming their contribution where applicable. The department will arrange for the school contribution to be swept from the school bank account once the project has commenced and before the completion of the work.

Payment details

Payments will be made monthly in line with the SAPA monthly payment calendar and as agreed by the school, Regional Infrastructure and Finance Managers.

Data requirements

ItemSourceDue date
Maintenance requirementsSchools' maintenance program budget1 July 2021

How to apply

Schools complete an electronic nomination form. The application is assessed against the program criteria by the Regional Infrastructure Manager who determines if the proposed scope complies. Schools can only make 1 application for funding. The School Refresh Program has been extended into the 2022–23 financial year and it has been identified that some of the School Refresh Program funds allocated to the tranche 1 and 2 schools are yet to be fully expended.

These schools will have been contacted by the region by email and phone if this applies. They will then assist with the application process.

The remaining funds are based on the original allocations for the program, which were communicated in November 2021.

With regard to the schools that have expended their allocated funds, we thank you for participating in the program.

Note: The deadline for purchase orders to be submitted for reimbursement by schools who are participating via Direct to Market funding option is 30 April 2023. This will enable the SAPA payment prior to the end of the financial year.


Contact your regional infrastructure team.

Program Manager
Phone: 0422 250 399

Last updated 21 December 2023